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Operating either as open fireplace for the time when ambiance of the open fire is required, or in the safe, clean-burning and energy-efficient closed-door mode, these fireplaces offer you clear view of the fire with no distraction. Designed with focus on the flames, these zero-clearance fireplaces have minimal frame around large glass door, giving you full freedom for expressing your design ideas, whatever style your design might have.

All fireplaces of the 21 series are equipped with super-convenient guillotine-style ceramic glass door, which can fully disappear or, having no steel frame at the lower edge of the glass door, can be lifted to any desired position while remaining virtually invisible. Getting good fire going is the easiest and fastest in these fireplaces: simply light fire and lower the door to leave open slot about an inch tall – incoming air will get entire load of firewood in flames in no time!

Designed as heating fireplaces, they can deliver substantial amount of heat in closed-door mode, circulating air quietly and efficiently through a hot air duct system without use of electricity, eliminating need for noisy fans.

For more information visit manufacturer’s web site  or contact us to schedule a visit to our showroom.

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